To avoid any misconduct, or any kind of misunderstanding our esteemed customers are requested to read out the terms and the conditions that have been set by the company before choosing your most wanted packages. Before sending us the request for your booking, you should be sure that you have read all of the terms and conditions.

A point to be remembered is the contract signed between the customer and the company starts as soon as the customer pays the non- refundable deposit. So, never ever try skipping the terms and conditions before booking and order for the good. Also, the complete installment of the payment must be paid following the exact and accurate phenomenon set down by the administrators.

When the booking is confirmed, the customer is all bound to pay the remaining dues in time otherwise the company holds all the rights to cancel the booking and can also work against you by applying the charges set in case of the cancelation of the booking. Here are all the terms and conditions in details, please read them carefully before making your move:

Passport and Visa Policy

  • The customer should have a valid, active visa to the place he or she wants to go to.
  • Validity period of the passport must contain 6 months’ time at the time of the departure. It is preferred that the validity period contains an 8-month time.
  • In case of any issue in the passport/Visa, consult the embassy before the due date.
  • The client is legally responsible for the collection as well as the submission of the passport. Company will need two passport size photographs and the passport almost 1 month before the departure.
  • You will need an extra copy of the passport to be submit in the provided hotels.
  • The complete process takes a few weeks to get completed, during that time, any case of the loss is not the responsibility of the company to bear.
  • Issuance of the visa on time is not guaranteed, in which case, the customer is responsible to pay for the extra charges (Services increasing rates) that could happen due to the delay in the visa.
  • You should be well aware and updated with the current status and conditions of the processing.
  • The company requires all the added and additional documents from the out of UK customers.

Terms and conditions regarding tickets

  • Reconfirmation of flight needs to be made 72 hours prior to departure.

  • Deposit amount of tickets is non-refundable once flight details are confirmed.

  • Fares are subject to change before the issuance of flight.

  • In case of any schedule change by airline or delay in arrival and departure of flights, company is not liable, but we can provide help to sort it out with Airline or find alternative, if possible.

  • Travel insurance is necessary to face any unfavorable happening.

  • Always reconfirm your ticket on Airline's website or with us 72 hours before your departure time.

  • As we are just a service providers, therefore, customers are advised to always read the terms and conditions carefully on the website of the airline they select to travel with before and after they book with us.

  • Inform the company immediately if any inaccuracy is found on the invoice. If company is not informed timely then no help will be provided regarding any inaccuracy.

  • Carefully read your invoice and other documents.

  • If customer requests for a change in any service, difference will have to be pad, if occurs during the course of time.

Hotel Policy:

  • Hotel rates are subject to change without prior notice.

  • Hotels will be booked as per normal check in/ check out timings in K.S.A ad any special request in this regard or room view must be specified at time of package request.

  • Customer will accept the alternative hotel if the said one is not available for any reason.

  • Hotels have no connection with airline as they are booked through totally different suppliers. So if you've booked a hotel and can't stay in it in your scheduled nights due to your airline changing their schedule, we are not liable for the costs of the hotel or any addition or reduction of any night. Therefore, our company has no responsibility for any losses you may incur through schedule changes of airline. Check if your insurance covers you for this.

  • The hotel has No standard Triple or Quad rooms, although extra bed is available for families.

  • Triple rooms for families consist of 2 Standard Beds with one Extra bed.

  • Quad rooms for families consist of 2 Standard Beds with two Extra bed.

  • The extra bed is not the same size as the original bed size in the room.

Safi Excluded Airlines

The Scheduled Airline Failure Insurance (SAFI) is not covering the following airlines: Sky Europe, Olympic Airlines, Aviacsa, Nordic Airways, Air Comet, Bellview, Air Nigeria, KD Avia, Air Jamaica, LAB Airlines, My Air, Caribair Airline, Frontier, Zoom, Cabo Verde Airline, OZ Jet, Air Senegal, Silverjet, Ghana Airways and Air Slovakia. Any customer using the travel service of these above-mentioned airlines does not hold any right to claim any kind of financial security issues. A travel insurance is suggested in this case to get rid of these kinds of the problems.

Deposit Policy

  • Only the seat, not the fare is secured under the deposit you pay.
  • The payment of all the dues needs to be done before any kind of the difference occurring in the rates.
  • To confirm your booking, 50% of the total sum will have to be deposited.

Baggage Allowance

The client is totally responsible for any kind of the restrictions or the limitations put on the weight or the size of the baggage by the Airline. Every package and the baggage at all the times and in each circumstance, that can possibly occur, is the liability of the customer to hold up.

Cancellation and Refund Policy

Deposits and the tickets are totally nonrefundable in any circumstances. Extra charges will have to be paid by the customer in case of the change in the ticket or the flight on the request of the customer. In case the customer wants to cancel the flight, ticket or any service, before the issuance of each, the customer is subject to pay 100% of the deposit as the administration fee.

As per the policy of the airline, or the company, any cancelation of the ticket, package or the flight, process will cost the administration fee. The client is bound to be wait for the cancellation or the refunding of the ticket for about 48 hours which is directly subject to declared by the airline.

The company holds all the rights to know about the quantum of the refund payable in cash in case of the amendment or the cancellation in the tickets by the client. The given refund will depend on the factors that include the number of participants, the suppliers’ cancellation policies, and the decision taken by the company on the quantum of the refund will be final. The due refund will be given to the customer within 30-40 days.


Flytomakkah.co.uk will be responsible to respond and resolve any kind of the dissatisfaction or the query to the client faced by the company. It will be resolved as soon as it is reported by the client. However, the customer is subject to make a complaint within the next 21 days of the event. Or, it can also be filed within the 7 days after the customer is returned from the tour. In case, the complaint is made before or after the mentioned period, no query will be entertained. The customer can use Phone number or the email address mentioned on our website to make a complain.

Check in Time

You should be able to reach the airport 3 hours before the check in time in case of the international flights. For the domestic flight, reach the airport almost 2 hours prior to the check in time. On a regular day, the check is closed1 hour before the departure of the flight. It’s better to manage your timing considering the mentioned schedules. The reason of this is certain security issues.

Meal Request

The providing of the meal on the request of the customer is fully subjected to the airline policy, the company can only help you by sending your request about the meal to the airline. The company issues no guarantee on this service whatsoever.

English Law

The customer and the company, both are set to be abide by the English law and the jurisdiction during the deal that includes the traveling arrangements and all the other accommodations company offers. Likewise, for all the matters regarding the Saudi Arabia, Saudi law is to be abide by the customer and the company. The company holds all the rights to take its responsibility away from you in case you are found to be violating the custom laws or the rules of the government.

Non- Muslims Name

In case a customer is having a non-Muslim name, he has to provide the visa application and any proof or the certificate issued by the masjid, that should say that the concern person is a Muslim.

Mehram Regulations Applies

It is an Islamic condition imposed by the holy religion that the women and the children can only attend the holy pilgrimage along with their husband or the father in case of the children. A woman can also travel with any other male relative as well but, he needs to be a mahram for her. But, the female applicant needs to submit her marriage certificate in this case, and the birth certificate for the children is required. Along with this, they both need to be travelling in the same flight. If a woman wants to travel with any organized group, her age needs to be over 45 years. She will need a notarized NOC from her Mahram as well in this case.

Non- UK National

For those, who are non-UK nationals, they need to submit a valid and active residency permit. This needs to be in the case if only the applicant is not the national of the country he is planning a visit to.

Emergency Contact

All the travelers will be issued an emergency number from the company just in case of any emergency or the trouble faced by the client in Saudi Arabia.

Subject to Availability

Everything included in the deal is totally subjected to the availability and the terms and the conditions will totally apply. The company also holds all rights to decline to any kind of a service registration without informing or without giving any reason for the decline. If there is any non-availability issue in the providing of the service that was part of the deal, an alternate will be provided to meet the demands and needs of the customers that he/she will have to accept.

Travel Insurance

The company highly recommends the arrangements and the process to be done for the travel insurance to be done in the due time.

Health and Vaccination

You should be sure of the fact that you are totally healthy and have done with all the kinds of the vaccinations that are necessary for traveling to the Saudi Arabia. This is one of the most important things to do on the customer’s side and the company will demand a vaccination certificate for the travelling as well.

ATOL Protection

Many of the flights and flight-inclusive holidays on this website are financially protected by the ATOL scheme. But ATOL protection does not apply to all holiday and travel services listed on this website. Please ask us to confirm what protection may apply to your booking. If you do not receive an ATOL Certificate then the booking will not be ATOL protected. If you do receive an ATOL Certificate but all the parts of your trip are not listed on it, those parts will not be ATOL protected. Please see our booking conditions for information, or for more information about financial protection and the ATOL Certificate go to: www.caa.co.uk.


The company is totally responsible for taking into account all the information along with the TERMS and the CONDITIONS that are mentioned on the website of the Flytomakkah.co.uk. Everything mentioned, along with the particulars are absolutely authentic and are accurate as per the company’s policies. Each and every right for the change in the terms and the conditions are totally reserved under the company’s hold. Plus, every information provided is not set to be remain still for a long time as we keep updating our terms and conditions that may result due to the change in the terms and the demands of the third party. The terms and conditions can be changed without informing our clients. Therefore, the customers are on their own responsibility to keep checking the website for the terms and they will have to accept them accordingly as well.

Flytomakkah.co.uk declares that all the staff and the agents are very well aware of these terms and conditions and work under the light of these all the time. On the other hand, we do not take any responsibility on the part of the third party and do not holds any claim on their part as well. It should also be in the knowledge of the customer that, each of the flight fares and the bookings are directly subject to the terms and the conditions set by the third party (Airlines, Embassy or Hotels), the supplier or the company that works to provide the services. The customer should also understand that, in case of any kind of disasters or events like terrorism, war, calamity, riots or any other kinds of the technical problems and the events that can occur outside of the company’s regulations, the booking can be cancelled, changed and the cancellation or the change in the service may also occur, for which the company should not be hold responsible for. Most importantly, it should be kept in mind that the private baggage of the customer that could include the variables is not the responsibility of the customer but the proprietor to be protected. The customer does not hold any right in to claim in case of any damage or the loss to the private baggage. Apart from that, the customer should take his/her visa, passport, ticket and all the other essential document with him/her while travelling, otherwise the company cannot be blamed in case of any loss or issue.

As, there are tons of Muslims that observe the holy Pilgrimage from all over the world in the KSA, there are chances that you may caught some of the viral and the airborne diseases and can cause you some other health problems as well which you must be aware of. It is suggested to the client that they must take good care of their health and take medicines if needs be. The company will not be responsible for any such issue as well. However, we recommend you to choose a travel insurance for that purpose, it will be of a good help to you.

The standards of the hotels and the star policy follows the rules of the standards of the KSA. For you to remember is the fact that you should be very well aware of the fact that the unexpected events are a norm during the mega events like the Hajj and the Umrah, so there might be a chance that sometimes the preparations you are gone with may be insufficient. Also, everyone visiting the holy event wants their event to be memorable and historical, but one should also keep in mind that there are people of different natures and cultures from all over the world that visit, so there may be chances of some unpleasant moments as well. The company can only warn you about it before you go.

We do not define the services that the KSA will offer, neither will it be defined by any other source. There is a chance of these to be changed without notice. The transport availability also depends on the third party or sometimes can also be different from the normal one you get in the UK. The company also does not hold any account or the responsibility in such case as well.

If you are not agreed to the terms and the conditions that the company have set and have clearly added in complete detail on our website, you should inform us in the due time before it’s too late. Also, in case you don’t understand any of the points and the detail mentioned above, you can call our company number any time by getting the number mentioned on the website anytime and can ask for any query. Our customer service team is ready every time to make our customers sure about getting the service that is promised. You can also email us at the email address mentioned on the website and we will make sure to respond to you as early as possible.