Must Do

In order to have a good tour, your planning must be good, that’s a fact. We, at, don’t compensate a thing about the comfort or the security of our clients, which is our first priority. Our customers are what we are today and there is nothing important to us than our valued customers. We don’t spare a room for you to go unattended, and the satisfaction level and the facility that we provide to you is our main focus towards this job.

Apart from the extensive care and the thoughts we have for you, we always set a guidebook for our customers in order to have them learn everything that is going to be needed in case you are unaware of that for the good. Leaving out to the long trip already put a lot of pressure on you, the burden is what that can’t be dealt with but, with proper planning, it can be. Here is a list of the things that you must double check before leaving in case you don’t have them packed with you, there may be a chance that you have forgotten it, but, by reading this guide, you will have it remembered:

Legal Requirements

The legal requirements are the things and sets of documents that you cannot be so careless to forget about them, these are the things that you rely on to enter in another country you are traveling to. Check before leaving that you have the following sets of documents with you:

Before entering to any other country, you should know the fact that the legal system varies from place to place depending on the set of rules defined by different governments. Saudi Arabia also has its own legal system and the basic laws that you should also know about before entering into the country.

  • Before you enter into Saudi Arabia, must check that you have your passport, booking card, visa, ticket, and the certificate that has been issued to you by the travel agency that you are using to get to the holy place, the agency that is making your Umrah arrangements.
  • Plus, you must have your medical certificate along with the vaccination card that should be showing a positive result on it before entering into the Saudi Arabia. Apart from this, other documents that you are going to need are the Hotel Vouchers, ID Card, Transport Vouchers or the Tickets.
  • It is better if you have an extra duplicate copy of all these above-mentioned documents with you in order to avoid any loss.
  • It is even better if you have the electronic copy of all these documents with you, and way better if you have emailed it to the family member or a friend back home for the extra care.


You are going to need these following clothing items with you:

  • You are going to need a prayer mat with you to offer prayers.
  • It is better to keep two sets of the Ihram with you to avoid any issue related to it.
  • A pair of comfortable slippers is also recommended to have with you. Also, make sure that these slippers are easy to walk with as you will have to walk a long distance.
  • The clothes that you are taking with you must be packed after considering the hot weather of the Saudi Arabia.

Guide Book

It is always better to have a guidebook with you before you travel, you can ask for it from the travel agency you are using, or you can get to buy it on your own as well.

Money Matter

  • Be sure to have a credit or the debit card that must work in the Saudi Arabia.
  • You are recommended to have a sufficient amount of the local money with you as well if your card does not work there.


  • In order to avoid any mishap, you are highly recommended to carry some general sets of the medicines with you, the general sets include the problems like the fever, headache, etc.


  • Must keep the mobile phone charger with you and an extra cable as well as you are going to need your phone.


  • Take one bag to keep your documents in it, it should be extra from the bag that keeps your clothes.
  • A medicine box is also good to have with you.
  • Keep an umbrella with you.
  • Keep a hard case that should be easy to carry.


  • Keep a set of bath soap and the body washes with you.
  • One pair of the towels is also needed.
  • Face and the hand wash must be with you before leaving.
  • A toothbrush and a toothpaste are recommended.
  • A tube of shaving cream.
  • One comb.
  • Keep a small mirror with you.
  • Disposable razors as well.
  • A tissue packet is recommended.
  • A small hand cream should also be in your bag.

The checklist that has been provided is not necessary but, recommended in order to face any sort of the issue on your trip where you don’t have to borrow it from someone. Also, if you are going to have all this, make sure to make a list of all the products and then check one by one that you have packed all of them. Try to avoid packing these items at the last time so that you don’t forget anything in the hassle.

Everything that has mentioned above is for your own comfort and safety, we as a company can only advise you to have all this with you before the travel as these are must needed things in the Saud Arabia. We always care for our clients and don’t want them to suffer a thing on their tour.

Also, all of these things can be bought in the Saudi Arabia as well, but, they can be costly, or you will have to wander here and there and may face difficulties as well as you will be new in the country. Have a blessed and a comfortable journey.